O'Neal Sierra II Helmet 18-month review - a great Helmet, on budget.

18 months living with the O'Neal Sierra II Helmet

Without getting straight into the features of the O'Neal Sierra II Helmet, let me give you my top-level thoughts and round up on my experience with this Helmet. I come from a long-distance riding touring background wearing a motorbike helmet 10 hours a day. The Shoei Neotec is my Helmet of choice on my trips. Airy and very comfortable on the road but not very good in a more off-road situation.

So, the Sierra II was my first experience in this category.

Any good? Yes, indeed. And for a price off around £150, you get excellent value for money. There are a few things which niggle me a lot but more about this a bit later as it makes more sense. It is not often; you find a product with this pedigree for such a price.

Technical Spec:

  • Colour: Flat black
  • ABS shell
  • Weight: 1590g
  • Clear Visor plus secondary integrated sun visor
  • Pinlock 30 fog-resistant lens included
  • Very soft, sweat absorbing inner padding is removable and washable
  • Vent holes for optimal ventilation
  • Height adjustable helmet shield
  • Double-D safety lock
  • Compliant with the standards and ECE 22-05 and DOT

How does it perform?

Firstly, the O'Neal Sierra II feels very comfortable during riding. Wind noise is at acceptable levels, but a bit louder as expected. Secondly, the ventilation, on the other hand, is a bit wired. Yes, you get plenty of air through the Helmet, but you still feel the sweat running down your neck. And this is my main niggle with the Sierra II. With all the airflow around your head, why do you still sweat so much? After a long day riding and when the temperature drops, you are getting cold around your head. Even closing all the vents is not helping much. The included pinlock insert is on the smaller side as well and more of an off the shelf unit.


For the price of £150, you get a workhorse of a helmet without bells and whistles. The O'Neal Sierra II Helmet is an excellent Helmet for the off-road rider. Take the visor off, and you are in the business. What else do you need? As an ADV touring helmet, the O'Neal Sierra II will do the job in a warmer climate. If you are riding in colder weather, you should look for something different more refined. But one thing is for sure. You are not getting anything better in this price bracket. Just remember the old saying, You get what you pay for. In the case of the Sierra 2, you might just get a bargain.

I also tested the BMW Enduro Helmet , check the report by following this link and BMW Enduroguard Gloves If you like more information direct from O'Neal Sierra II Helmet, follow this link to the manufacturer page.

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O'Neal Sierra II Helmet


Very Good

O'Neal Sierra II Helmet, excellent value for your money. The inclusion of a pin lock and a sun visor makes this Helmet a great alternative to much more expensive options. For the user on a budget, there is no need to choose one of these horrendous and dangerous Noname knock-offs. Bottom line, you like it? Go for it!

User Rating: 2.86 ( 75 votes)
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