Motorcycle Travel Adventures: Unleash the Thrill of the Open Road

Welcome to my world of motorcycle travel adventures, where the open road and the thrill of exploration await! Here at MOTOTravel, I am dedicated to giving you the ultimate guide and inspiration for your motorcycle journeys.

"Yes, it is an inspiration. I don't know it all, nor am I a specialist. Just a guy with a motorbike."

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a curious enthusiast, join me as we dive into the captivating world of motorcycle travel. Get ready to experience the despair of loneliness, the freedom of the open road, and the exhilaration of discovering new destinations enriching your life with your stories as days go by.

Embrace Freedom and Adventure

There's nothing quite like the freedom that comes with motorcycle travel. Picture yourself riding through breathtaking landscapes, feeling the engine's roar beneath you, and immersing yourself in the sights, sounds, and scents of the world around you. The open road becomes your friend and foe at the same time; every twist and turn reveals new possibilities and hidden treasures.

Connect with Nature and Culture

When you embark on a motorcycle journey, you have the opportunity to connect intimately with nature. Feel the rush of cool mountain air, witness the majesty of panoramic vistas, and encounter wildlife up close. Additionally, motorcycle travel allows you to engage with local cultures, forging authentic connections and gaining insights into the rich culture of our world in front of you.

Whatever you chose to do, it has to be like this. Your Story, your Life.

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A restless soul or a driven adventurer.
What better description could I give myself. Following the opportunities of life and cherishing the good with the bad, a new adventure is always around the corner. Time is precious as you don't know how much you have at your disposal. And maybe it is a good thing we are kept in the dark.
The is one thing for sure, not using it to the full, would be a terrible waste.

We all have stories to tell. Here are mine.

ADV advice for 2024
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The best ADV advice for 2024

Six Vital Life Lessons I’ve Gathered Along the Way not only for ADV rider Embrace Your Uniqueness:    In the world of motorcycle travel, it’s easy to get caught up in the race for the fanciest gear and the […]
Grossglockner motorcycle magic
from the road

Grossglockner and the Pasterze Unveiled

Exploring the Alpine Wonders: Grossglockner and the Pasterze Unveiled Adventure seekers! If you’re up for a thrilling ride, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road is where the action’s at! This road isn’t just a drive; it’s a full-blown experience […]

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What is coming up in 2023

More travel is on top of my agenda. Going places is just what drives me on. There is also the quest to write more. But even more importantly, taking more time to enjoy. Last season was a turning point for me. I rushed the trip through Croatia. Never again. It was obsessive riding at its best. Shame really, What a missed opportunity to explore and enjoy.

A promise to myself

Lose weight - I'm on it!

Better Videos - less riding, more info about places

All my gear - more reviews

Q&A Videos - you ask for it

Sharing my plans - and sticking to it !

2023 bring it on

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Travelling on my motorbikes is my passion. I am exploring and enjoying people and landscapes where ever I go.

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These are my blogs. All the stuff I like to write about. A collection of thoughts and stories. A scrapbook of information.

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