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We only have one short Life to see the world Don’t spend it waiting

It is solely up to you how to spend your life. Chasing money, hoping for the big breakthrough and looking forward to a marvellous fulfilling retirement. Retirement means just that. You are genuinely done; it’s over. You best years are gone for good. Your youth is a thing of your past. Only a distant memory. 70 is the new 50. What?
Or you can start living. Seeing the world for what it is and embracing the challenges ahead. Feel your freedom of having a choice. Leave the rat race to others.
The joy of motorbike riding is what we love.
For some, it is the weekend ride to your favourite cafe, for others it the journey of a lifetime.
The only thing what really matters is that you keep doing it.

Living your Life is your Choice


Norway Motorbike Adventure

Beautiful  Destinations:

The Norway Route: 2018

There is something special about Norway. Motorbike riders visiting the northern part of Europe can’t help but to be in awe. Yes, you can feel the magic in the air.

Visit Europe: 2017

Europe. A cultural chameleon this side of the world. Riding through the borderless melting pot of landscapes, languages, cultures and climate.

The Ireland Tour: 2019

If you ever feel you want to be part of something extraordinary. Visit Ireland. The people of this stunning place are the most friendly you’ll ever meet.

In the Spotlight:

Mitas E07 50/50 Tire review
Mitas E07 50/50 Tyre review
Inside Ferry to Rotterdam
Norway 2018 ? Boarding the Ferry to Rotterdam
Atlantic Road
Riding the Atlantic Road in Norway
Lone Rider Moto Tent
Lone Rider MotoTent review
timmelsjoch passo rombo motorbike museum
Timmelsjoch ? Passo Rombo Motorbike Museum Italy
BMW GS carbon fibre helmet review

Photography Corner:


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