Let's do this! We have to start somewhere, don't we all? Being ready to jump head first into our next adventure, motorbike travellers encounter the sobering experience of a dull and long motorway trip before the real fun begins...

Let's do this! Making my way to the Ferry

We have to start somewhere, don't we all. Being ready to jump headfirst in our next adventure, motorbike travellers encounter the sobering experience of a dull and long motorway trip before the real fun begins.
Why should it be different for me? Whenever I browse through the glossy pages of motorbike magazines or travel publications. I never find any mention of the mind-numbing experience to get to the start of your trip.

Suppose you journey never starts in front of your home. Well, In my case it does and the first step into my adventure is a two and a half hour ride along the M62 to the other side of the country to the ferry terminal in Hull. Living on the North West Coast my journey on the first day is only 120 miles of most excellent motorway. Fear not, as this is just the beginning of my life on the Autobahn

Saying Goodbye

After saying goodbye to family, dog, and fish you are hitting the road in anticipation of great things to come. Luckily for me, the M62 motorway is just 5 min away and soon I joined the rest of the country on their journey east.

Or at least this how it looked to me. I spare you the details of crawling traffic. To my surprise, after about 45 min of slow progress, my fellow unknown travellers decided to head north and cleared the motorway.

I'm on my way now, and nothing will get in my way. All I got on my mind is to catch the ferry to Rotterdam. I always used to take the Eurotunnel for my travels to mainland Europe, but at short notice, I decided to take the ferry. The news of technical issues at the tunnel accompanied by long delays did not fit in my travel plans at all.

Motorbike rider just don't like to stop riding, if they enjoy themselves very much. But there is always the nagging feeling of filling up on petrol every once in a while.
In the case of my bike, I made it a rule to fill up every 150 miles so there is always plenty of petrol left in the tank if I ever miss a turnoff for the next petrol station.

This really turned into a habit and I get the urge to fill up myself on coffee or go to the bathroom. Thinking about it, 150 is running everything. The lookout for Petrol stations is becoming ingrained in my head for the duration of the trip.

53'44'30" N 0'16'42.999"

17:21 Arrived at 53'44'30" N 0'16'42.999" or the Hull Ferry Terminal

The road to the Terminal is very well signed out and easy to navigate if one's reads the itinerary provided by the ferry company.
You also spare yourself to go around the main roundabout about three times until you see your exit. (make mental note: read itinerary).

On arrival, you join an orderly queue of already waiting cars next to the ferry. You can't miss it. It is big very big. Signs for Rotterdam are above your head so you can be assured you are in the right lane. Progress on the check-in booth is pretty fast and after showing your Passport and booking e-mail you get your boarding card and cabin key and in my case your return ticket as well. Top tip for motorbike riders.

If you don't like to be told of having your helmet camera running, just make sure you are pointing in the other direction and not directly at the Officer. You are done and ready to board.

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