Torrential Rain, Storm, and a collapsing Tent. What more can you ask for?

The second day in Norway brought amazing vistas, great roads and a variety of landscapes I have never seen before.
MOTOTravel Trip 2018: Second day in Norway

What a turbulent night that was. My first night in Norway and already enjoyed torrential rain, storm, and collapsing tent. If that doesn\'t get your \"Adventure Lust\" going then what can? I did know the Storm was coming so my gear was stored away in my Panniers to keep organized. At about four in the morning, the wind pushed the tent flat right on top of me only to bounce back a few seconds later. This went on for about thirty minutes and stopped rather quickly as the storm and rain disappeared.

All good at HQ
Stomping around in the wet grass and checking my bike and tent for damage I noticed the Dutch couple further down the campsite was packing up. Suppose not the kind of fun they expected. Everything was just fine around my camp. The bike was still standing and there was no damage to the tent. TOP TIP When setting up your tent, observe the wind directions. Point the lower end of your tent in the wind

Today\'s Route: Bakkebveien - Stavanger - Sand ;
• Distance: 234km
• Travel Time: 5hr
• Ferry crossings: 2

My route today is getting me to Stavanger the end of my coast road journey. From there I make my way up to the North following Road 13 up to Sand my destination for today. I need to mention that I don\'t have a fixed schedule or even a route plan for my journey.

I know where I like to go but the final decision about the route is made after a coffee in the morning. According to Google Maps, this 235 km journey should take me about 5 hours to complete. There are two ferry crossing along the route and at the end, I have to look out for a campsite for the night. Check out my video for this part of the trip.

My chosen route got me and my trusty bike through a wide pallet of different landscapes. As you\'ve seen in the video the landscape was always changing making it a very enjoyable ride. Roads can be as straight and uninspiring as a motorway on one end of the scale, to exciting winding roads along those epic fjords and huge lakes through miles and miles of tunnels or over mountain passes on the other end.

The variety and change of scenery will keep you mesmerized as you cover miles and miles of road. The roads are fantastic btw. You will find yourself emerging in your riding and the only saving grace is that you eventually have to stop for petrol. This is a good time to stock up on previsions as you do not find much food around your campsite.

At the end of my day riding after setting up camp, I was looking back at what just happened with a big smile on my face. Sitting in my tent on my own, the camping stove causing a racked and the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air.

I feel tired and hungry but utterly emersed in this wonderful country and can\'t help thinking about tomorrow and the next part of my trip. I want more much more.....

Below are photos from my 2nd day travelling in Norway.
Enjoy and feel inspired to visit these amazing landscapes sometimes things go wrong on a motorbike trip big time... Check out my video of what happened to me.

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