Kulmbach – Bavaria

Picture from Kulmbach in Bavaria Germany.

Kulmbach – Bavaria

The Market Town Kulmbach is situated in the Bavarian region of Franconia.

kulmbach town bannerA picturesque little town surrounded by forests and green hills.
The town is famous for Beer and Plassenburg Castle, which houses the largest tin soldier museum in the world.
Bratwürste, a famous sausage is also renowned around the world and you find this in a watered down in your local supermarket. ( nothing to do with the original).

It is a very quiet place, for some a little too quiet.
Kulmbach is a very motorbike friendly place, plenty of parking for motorbikes in the town centre.

Accommodation in “Gast Haus” Country Pub, are plentiful in the surrounding countryside and the prices are very reasonable.

If you are looking for a campsite there are more than enough camping opportunities all over the County.

map von kulmbach
Sternfahrt Kulmbach banner

Kulmbach is the host for the annual Motorbike Sternfahrt.

Every year more than 40.000 motorbike fanatics from all over Europe participating in this event.
Organisers are the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior and Upper Franconian Police Headquarters, together with the Kulmbach Brewery.
Interested? click here and follow the link to the Sterfahrer website.

Riding your motorbike around Franconia is real bliss. You can spend days riding around the countryside.
Coburg, Bamberg, Bayreuth all the way up to the mountains in Fichtel Mountains. You may just ride on into the Czech Republic.

Mountains and Hills sloping away into green valleys following the Red Main River.

Kulmbach is far away from the hustle and bustle so you can enjoy your time in one of the nicest places in Bavaria

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banner-stadt-kulmbachI should know…I’m born and bred in this beautiful part of the world.