Brace yourself for an adventure that will take you deep into the heart of the Franconian forest in Germany. On a misty, freezing February morning, I set out to uncover the mystery of the Flaschen Haus or Bottle House as it's known in English. Nestled in the woods near Lichtenfels in Bavaria, this dark and eerie structure is a photographer's dream.

the bottle house - the forest

Rumours and half-truths abound about the Bottle House and its enigmatic builder. According to the most credible story I've heard, a man named Rudi began building the house in the 1970s out of necessity.

Using only bottles and concrete, Rudi worked tirelessly to construct a modern home, complete with electricity and all the conveniences you'd expect.


the bottle house - inside

The location of the Bottle House is no easy feat to reach. The steep and challenging terrain made Rudi's feat all the more impressive. Sadly, Rudi was never able to finish his masterpiece before he passed away, leaving behind a unique and awe-inspiring structure that has since fallen into disrepair.

Despite its decay, the Bottle House remains a popular destination for curious visitors - and, unfortunately, vandals. But even in its dilapidated state, Rudi's creation still stands as a testament to his vision and ingenuity.

We may never know the true story behind Rudi and his Bottle House. But one thing is sure: his legacy lives on, an enduring reminder of the power of human creativity and determination. So if you find yourself wandering the woods near Lichtenfels, be sure to pay a visit to Rudi's Flaschen Haus. Who knows what secrets you might uncover within its glass walls?


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