Cumbria "The Windermere Loop"

Cumbria – A quick visit to Windermere

Windermere in the Lake District.

Enjoying a long ride out through the Cumbrian mountains to visit an old faithful. Windermere is 10.5 miles long and England largest lake.
The Lake district is a tourist hotspot for the outdoor lovers thought out the year.

So don’t expect clear and empty roads. If you are an early starter and you manage to hit the road before the hustle and bustle, then you are in for a real treat. Largely empty roads and beautiful landscape guarantees for real experience. The weather can be a little bit of a mix so raingear maybe in order.

For the rider who is prepared to put in the extra effort to get out of bed earlier than the rest of the motorbike world, than this ride is for you.

If you can’t get out your pit in the morning you better stay away or join the orderly queue of miles of stop and go.

What to do in Windemere

Why not ride over some of the may passes around the area?  The best ones are:

The Wrynose Pass

The Hardknott

and the Whinlatter Pass

The Wrynose Pass and the Hardnott Pass can be done in a loop. It is worthwhile mentioning that both passes are very picturesque so give your self enough time to enjoy the view. Don’t forget your flask and some sandwiches as you don’t find any cafe’s up there.  Finding a nice spot for a quick coffee and something to eat, enjoying the landscape and taking some photos is really not hard in these surroundings.

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