Reflecting on my BMW 1250GS

I'm me. I'm an individual. Non-tribal – non-fixated on just the one true thing.
No. I'm not the nodding dog, lemming, or sheep, following the next guy in front of me mindlessly.
I'm not interested in making a statement for others. I make a statement to and for myself.
I'm me – that's who I am.

And so is my Motorbike.

An run-of-the-mill BMW1250GS. I bought this Motorbike from new. Yeah, the first time in my life I bought something new.
Two and a half years later, you see the wear and tear of a busy life. Just like me. Aches and pains follow me like a daily déjà vu, groundhog day, or simply getting old. And the same is happening to my Motorbike.

Going broke

New Exhaust flaps, driveshaft, wheel bearings and numerous other things. Life has not been gentle to my Motorbike. Luckily, the BMW Warranty got me covered.

So what makes my BMW 1250GS so unique?

Thinking about it…. well, absolutely nothing. Or maybe a little.
Of course, I upgraded a few things here and there. For a BMW boxer engine, protection is everything.
Crashbars around the engine were a must for me. So why not all the way? Of course, in hindsight, it has proven itself on many occasions.

Handguards are a must in rough terrain, and so are durable mirrors. After all, the BMW 1250GS is an Adventure Touring bike. Not an offroad bike. And certainly not a Dual Sprorts Bike.
Many people think these Bikes are offroad bikes. Not at all. They offer a fair amount of offroad capability, but they are not offroad bikes. They are heavy. Try to pick it up again and again. The BMW 1250GS is a big old lump of metal.
But the one thing they excel in is their ability to travel at pace on any practical terrain.
This is the reason I choose the bike in the first place.BMW 1250GS original

The Look – my biggest regret

I got it all wrong from the beginning. My GS was all black with a hint of silver and yellow decals on the tank. It looked so cool, I thought. However, I quickly realised that the all-black look did not reflect my personality.
I'm no Mad Max wannabe like in the movies. I certainly would have gone with that Look when the film came out. But that was then.
But now, I don't like to be shoehorned into this category. As I mentioned in the beginning
"I'm me. I'm an individual. Non-tribal – non-fixated on just the one true thing."
And this is the point I am trying to convey. It doesn't matter Who you are, what you got.
Do your thing and be a force in life to be reckoned with.

Back to my BMW 1250GS

Did I mention it called Juergen? Not a fancy American Name. Nope. German through and through.
Juergen is an old childhood friend—Stubborn and a bit lazy and comfortable in his way. Yeah, that sums it up. Just like my Motorbike.
It can move, but you have to nudge into action, just like Juergen. (I'm sure he's never going to read this, I hope).

That brings me to the looks, the design, and the wrapping.

Gone are the days when you have to respray and forever destroy the original colour. These days we wrap things up in foil. Any colour, any design, get it printed.
And when you are done and tired with your design, change it.
The design is your choice, your art, your expression. You can get anything these days. You can replicate any original designs or copy something out of a catalogue or from a picture. Be someone else for a split second until you realise you are a cheap copy.
But why should you? You have the chance to show some independence. So take your chance. Do something unique. These moments are so rare in your life. Beat the nodding dog, don't be a lemming. You are an "A" Individual.
I like my design. Is it an original? You bet. I design it. And I got it wrong. Looking great on screen is one thing. Translating it to the curves and shapes of a motorbike is something else.
I'm learning. I'm evolving. I'm happy now. It works. I'm good.

Rubber? Tyres?

Oh no. Really? Imminent danger even thinking about it. Every expert will argue differently.
But for what it's worth.

I've been using the Mitas E 07 for many years. Solid, go anywhere, tyre. Hold on. " Keep in mind the intended purpose of my bike". Don't get carried away here.
Without any effort, you find tons of Videos from experts on youtube, trying to convince you with all their might the E-07 is a wrong choice.
Do believe them. Honestly, go with the flow. Or, like me, give them a try and stick with them.
I recently read an article about a guy buying a different brand of tyres and changing them on the road in a parking lot. Really?
Life has its challenges. Just make it as hard for you as you can.

The Skidplate on my 1250GS.

Ok. Just stop for a moment. Why do I need a different skid plate? The BMW Original is fine for your daily run to your local café or Adventure ride from one B&B to the next.
However, if you have ever experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of hitting a boulder with your engine housing, you may change your resentment by investing in more protection.
I've gone basic, not too expensive, but a solid version from Alt Rider. Easy to remove on the road for inspection. It is just a piece of metal to protect another piece of metal.

The "ME" matters

This is the bike of an individual. Non-tribal – non-fixated on just the one true thing.
I like my not-perfect BMW 1250GS, but this Motorbike is the closest to perfect for me.
Confident of getting me anywhere I want, I trust my Motorbike to get me there safely.
Life is short enough, and excellent opportunities are rare.
Please don't waste your time arguing about which one is better. Get out there and live.
My clock is ticking, and so is yours.

If you ask me, "Why not the BMW 1250 GSA ?" reread this article. You may get the idea.

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