Wheels and Tyres on your Adventure Bike

Wheels and tyres

Wheels and Tyres on your Adventure Bike

Get it wrong and can seriously get you in trouble.

I wanted to address the tire issue on Herman my trusty 2007 GS.
Riding mostly asphalt, I never experienced an issue with my tires.
My tire of choice is the Metzler Tourance what does everything I expected from a multi-purpose tire and provides you with plenty of milages.

Gravel, Sand and even a little off-road are no problem for this tire.
As you expect mud and wet grass are beyond the brief, and you shouldn’t raise your expectations too far venturing into this kind of territory.

On my last trip to Norway, I got myself into some hairy situations when I was riding some path littered with big rocks and large gravel.
Dropping the bike on several occasions the Achilles heel
was not the tire but the wheels of my bike.
Being where I am was not the plan from the outset, but sometimes you never know where you end up on a long trip.

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On my last trip to Norway, I got myself into some hairy situations

The wheels on my bike are standard BMW alloy wheels perfect for road traveling and riding over your front lawn. But they have no business going off-road.
Cast wheels don’t flex and pushed too hard they just snap, and your trip is over.
Spokes, on the other hand, have some give and bounce if necessary. Even if you slightly damage a spoke wheel, you should be able to limp home.

So here I was, in the middle of nowhere hoping my wheels hold up.

Back then, I made the decision of getting a set of spoke wheels.

Fast forward this week:
Having the spoke wheels in my bike shed for the last 6 month I made the decision to get some tires and finally give it a try.

I opted for Mitas MT07 tires back and front. A 50/50 Trail Tyre great on the rough stuff and OK on the black stuff.

Since those tires are tubeless, I got them mounted and trued by a professional.

So now I have two sets of wheels, 2 sets of tires for any situation.

All I have to do is to change the wheels before I’m going to venture in a bit more challenging territory. This will take me about 30 min in total before the trip.

A little snag along the way,
The BMW stuts on the back wheel are too short if you are coming for cast wheels. So I need some wheel bolts from BMW as soon as possible. Never mind. Suppose this will be the same the other way around.

So… are the expense and the hustle worthwhile?

I think so.

If you want to push your bike a little more than just going down the road, you need spoke wheels as cast wheels are just not made for it.
And if you are riding a lot of tarmac and what to go off road a spare set of wheels can just be the ticket avoiding running down your knobbys in everyday commute.

I’ll keep you up to date how I am getting on.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email me your comments hello@mototravel.uk

Video: Wheels and Tires on your Adventure Bike with Mitas MT07