Mitas E07 50/50 Tire review

Mitas E07

Mitas E07 50/50 Tire review

Are you looking for a great 50/50 tire for your big ADV bike?

Are you looking for a great 50/50 tire for your big ADV bike?
50 /50 meaning a tyre equally at home on the tarmac as in the rough?

The Mitas E07 could be a great choice if?..

Tires were never an issue.

Why should I be interested in the Mitas E07 tire in the first place? My 2007 BMW GS is my trusty travel companion for many years and has seen plenty of action and mishaps.
I think with my hand on heart I can genuinely say, Tires were never an issue.
It was always me making the wrong choices, choosing the wrong way.

My go-to tire was and is, the Tourance from Metzler. A great touring tire for pretty much every terrain as long you stick to tarmac and smooth gravel roads. Anything more demanding and you are out of the performance zone for this type of tire. 

If the tires were boots..

If the tires where boots, then the Tourance is something you would wear if you see your Nan or go to church on a Sunday. And afterwards, you play out in the yard with your mates.
The Mitas -07, on the other hand, is more like a pair of Doc Martins or Army Combat boots. You would be entirely out of place by your Nan.

I think you get the idea.
For me, the choice is straightforward.

I do have two sets of wheels,
The cast alloys with the Metzler Tourance, touring, commuting and riding 2up with a pillion. And the spoke wheels with the Mitas E-07, meaner looking for when I expect the rough.
I swap my wheels around for whatever my plans are. They are both great tires, but I need to talk about what to expect if you change over to something more aggressive like the 07.

And since I swap my tires around maybe 3-4 times a year, I can really tell the difference.

No, let me be clear, this is not a Tourance vs Mitas comparison. But when you switch over from the more streetwise Tourance or similar, you will encounter these apparent changes in the Handling and feel.

The critical criteria for any ADV tire are:

  • Dirt traction
  • Road traction
  • Wet traction
  • Vibration
  • High-speed behaviour
  • Longevity (cost)
  • Noise


A closer look at the Mitas E07 tire:

The first thing you will notice is the loud whiny noise coming from those tires.
It is a bit unsettling riding around on a bike that sounds like a Stuka dive bomber.
This will ease off after 1500 miles to some extent, but you still notice that your quiet rolling days are over.


Vibration is another undeniable thing you will notice straight away.
Even using Grip Puppies on my bike, I noticed an intense vibration coming through the handlebars.
Something that will increase with higher speed. Suppose you will get used to it, but for me, it isn’t enjoyable.

Video: Mitas E-07 review

More Facts:

When it comes to traction, the Mitas E07 tire is definitely a mixed bag. These tires are made for rougher terrain. Full stop.
Riding on tarmac is fine, but you will not get the same feedback as from the Tourance tires on-street use. The steering feels looser, less responsive, and if you are lucky enough to find a real smooth road surface, it is even more apparent. These tires are not for this environment.

Hit the dirt

Hit the dirt track, and you know why people like these tires. As soon there is something to grip on, the Mitas E07  tire shine and are so much fun to ride. Anything you feel comfortable to do with your big bike, the 07 will be a great companion for your trip. Ultimately you will be beyond your capability before the Mitas E07 gives up. It is your choice where you are going, so don’t blame the tire if you get stuck.

Dirt tracks, forest roads, gravel and sand (as long it is not too loose) are great fun to ride. Mud and deep sand are more of a challenge. Not so because of the tire, more the sheer weight and power of your bike is the issue here.

When it comes to wet, well you better keep your wits about you. 50/50 tires are not known for excellent wet tarmac performance so you should keep this in mind. Driving in the rain, you will notice how light your front wheel feels. Something that will be very unsettling before you dial in your riding style.

A higher speed is not so much an issue as you feel uncomfortable soon enough. Add some fully leaden camping outfit, and you will run the E-07 into the ground in no time.
Speed and heat will wear your tires out pretty quick.

So this sounds not very positive then, right?

You couldn’t be more wrong.
The Mitas E-07 is a fantastic multipurpose tire.  It can do it all to some degree. It is down to you what you do with it. Riding all day on tarmac is not what the Mitas is made for. It will improve the look of your bike, but that’s all. The rest is downhill from there on.


If you’re a guy riding in the dirt, then the tire is for you. You can be assured you get the best of two worlds. Getting to the dirt without ruining your tires on the way, and having the right tire to challenge yourself and the bike in the rough, you will enjoy every minute.

So there you have it.

The Mitas E07 tire is an excellent all-around tire for the more challenging rider. I can genuinely recommend the Mitas E07 and give it a big thumbs up.

Check them out, if you feel the urge for the rough.

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If you like more information direct from Mitas , follow this link to the manufacturer page. 

Mitas E07 50/50 Tire

Dirt Traction - 85%
Dry Traction - 80%
Wet Traction - 70%
Vibration - 70%
High Speed Behaviour - 75%
Longevity (cost) - 80%
Noise - 70%



The Mitas E07 tire is an excellent all-around tire for the more challenging rider. I can genuinely recommend the Mitas E07 and give it a big thumbs up.