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BMW GS Carbon Helmet Real-world Review

Why should you choose this helmet over a modern competition? Read on, because it worth it.

Real-world review.

I know what you are thinking "BMW FANBOY"! Now just hold on for a minute. "Well, he's riding a BMW GS Motorbike, so he needs a BMW helmet." I do have to admit I own a BMW GS, a BMW Enduroguard Suit and even got BMW Gloves. I have to disappoint you. My Lid of choice for the last 5 years was the Shoei NEOTEC Helmet for touring and for the ADV trips the O'Neal Sierra II. Just to be straight, the Shoei is going nowhere! So why the BMW Carbon Helmet? It was time for an upgrade as the Sierra II was not working for me. This is something for a different story. The BMW GS Carbone looked just the ticket.

  • ADV Style Helmet
  • Carbon Fibre Construction
  • Massive Field of View

The reality of finding the right Helmet for yourself.

We do have different expectations from the gear we are using because we are just not the same. Looking into the mirror, we find hundreds of unique features literally in our face and head shape alone, add your nose and ears, and we have a great mix of personal characteristics. So there is a good chance what fits you, will not get near me. All this is taken into consideration when designing a helmet, the outcome will be average. Yes, AVERAGE! You can't build a motorbike helmet that fits everyone. You could go for a custom fit if you have the money! So, all we can do is to find the best fitting "average" Helmet we can discover for ourselves.

Let's talk about the BMW GS Carbon.

Here are the BMW Facts:

  • High-level impact reduction and safety performance
  • EPS inner shell made up of several sections
  • Double-glazed, three-dimensionally curved visor
  • Anti-fog internal visor, (pinlock), outer visor has an anti-scratch coating on both sides
  • Spoiler and removable sun shield for optimum aerodynamics
  • Highly effective ventilation system
  • Removable chin bar and dust filter for off-road and hot-weather riding
  • Removable, washable head and cheek pads
  • Neck straps for a secure hold
  • Compatible with BMW Motorrad communication system
  • Peak and/or Visor can be removed or replaced in seconds
  • Complies with ECE 22-05
  • Weight: approx. 1,450 grams with peak and dual visor
  • Tinted visor available as an optional extra (not available in the UK)

Visit the BMW page for more detail.

First impressions count

The first impression when you pick up the Helmet is how light it is. A little over 3 pound is rather impressive. It looks bigger than other ADV Helmets. A closer look confirms, the Trophy is slightly longer than other ADV style helmets.

Bigger is better?

That's maybe one of the reasons I was drawn to it in the first place. Wearing it the first time, the Helmet felt very comfortable. The inner liner is excellent and fits my head shape perfectly. And usual chipmunk look from the front is not as pronounced as with other helmets I used to have. I think I could even have a bite to eat during riding without biting myself in the inside of my mouth. ( talking from experience...).

Too many opinions for the simple Peak.

The neck strap is ideally located and not too far back to run across your neck, avoiding choking when you point your head down. The double D fasteners are a bit of a disappointment and are just a little small and fiddly. A ratchet fastener would have been more helpful. When it comes to the peak, the camps are more divided. Too short, too high, Not strong enough, and so on. People are hard to please, and our requirements are very different. As far as I'm concerned, it is fine with me, but then I'm no extreme off-roader. Travelling with this Helmet is a pleasure. You notice the weight difference straight away. Noise level is about average and buffeting not more or less than other Helmets in this class.

Superb in rainy conditions

Riding in heavy rain showed another impressive side of the BMW Trophy Helmet. The visor kept clear from rain, and the shape pushed any water to either side. I was so impressed that this is the most exciting feature on the Helmet. Riding behind my friend Baz, I noticed he was clearing his Visor 17 times on his Shoei Helmet using a swipe fixed to his gloves. I didn't touch my visor at all at the same time. We were both riding the same bike, the same screen and are about the same height. Living in a rain-blessed country, this is a massive plus above other helmets.

The field of view

On the BMW GS Carbon Helmet, this must be the biggest I encountered on any helmet so far. And the visor is crystal clear without distorting the view. It is massive. Great when you ride with the Helmet open. The Pinlock is doing the trick, avoiding fogging up in damp conditions.

And the looks?

That's a personal opinion for anyone. I liked the design, the colour and graphics on the Helmet. It is an unquestionable BMW. Not too aggressive or over the top.

Final thought.

The BMW GS Carbon Helmet represents the top end of the ADV Helmet Market and has pedigree competition. I personally would not put it in the competition style class, more in the ADV long-distance rider camp. So it really matches the bike in this sense. Having a massive field of view and a crystal clear visor, together with the looks and excellent all-weather capabilities, it is a definitely something I would look at.

Well, I got mine, and I can surely recommend it.


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BMW GS Helmet Review


Very Good

A great Motorbike Helmet. Light and comfortable. The missing sun visor is a bit of a letdown. After two years of heavy use, you see the age. For the price, you get a top product and great BMW support.

User Rating: 2.85 ( 14 votes)
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