BMW Enduroguard 2 in 1 Glove

I bought the BMW Enduroguard 2 in 1 Glove about six months ago and used them on all my trips in wind and weather. I did have my reservations! Are they any good? One thing is sure. No Fanboy talk here.

BMW Enduroguard 2 in 1 Glove six-month review.

I bought these about six months ago at my BMW dealership in Chester. Needless to say, I paid for those. I\'ve used the Enduroguard gloves now as my primary gloves this riding season in all sorts of weather, and I\'ve been thrilled with this Product. Why those gloves? On most of my longer trips, I always had two sets of gloves with me. Very thin summer gloves are airy with essential protection and a set of warmer Gore-Tex gloves for rain and colder days.

Now to be straight with you, in the beginning,

I did carry my thinner summer gloves with me because I didn't think the Enduroguard Gloves would be comfortable in hot weather. Well, I was wrong. Even the summer this year was pretty rubbish and not nearly as hot as last year's insane heat, the gloves performed remarkably well. I know remarkable sounds still a bit hesitant. But looking at these big well-padded gloves with all the protection around your hand, you would this twice calling this airy.

Product Details:

  • The upper chamber is windproof, waterproof and breathable thanks to a GORE-TEX membrane and Gore 2in1 technology, and has a light, insulating Pikee jersey lining
  • GRIP lower chamber is made of abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather (approx. 0.7 mm thick), unlined and perforated for optimum grip
  • Upper hand material is a mix of soft cowhide and Schoeller-dynatec
  • Highly abrasion-resistant aerospace protection technology on knuckle shell and the ball of the hand
  • Plastic hard-shell knuckle protector with impact-absorbing foam padding
  • Touchscreen-sensitive index finger and thumb
  • Rubber wiper lip on the left index finger

But looks can be deceiving.

I have no idea how BMW pulled this off but wearing those gloves in the summer heat was a real pleasure. The Grip compartment (Compartment 1) felt comfortable and soft to touch. You are still no quiet getting it as you are looking onto a big all-weather glove.

Your mind is playing tricks here because of what you are feeling and how it seems is not match up. The inside material is abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather, and it is unlined and perforated giving you maximum airflow without inferring with the structural integrity additional highly abrasion-resistant aerospace protection on your palm, adding to safety and comfort.

Just remember when it starts raining your hands will get wet as there is no Gore-Tex in this part of the glove. But on a warm summer's day, the glove dries out just as quick. You can wear the glove in grip mode pretty loosely around your wrist for ultimate airflow.

Coming to the waterproof part of the glove. BMW calls this "Proof".

A combination of windproof, waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX membrane, and a mix of soft cowhide and Schoeller-dynatec material for the upper chamber. There is everything you like to see on an all-weather all-season glove. The comfort level is outstanding. The liner material feels soft and comfortable, and putting the glove on even with cold, wet hands immediately makes you feel better. I know Bikers are hard as nails, but we still cherish a little comfort here and there.

You have unique fabric on your thumb and index finger to operate touch screen devices. On the left-hand index finger, you also have a visor squishy to clean your visor. Above the wrist, you find a strip of elastic material sewn into the fabric to tighten the material firmly around your wrist for a perfect fit with the need for an additional Velcro fastener. Of course, there is a Velcro strap to fully close up the glove around your lower arm.


The BMW Endouroguard Glove. Not to be confused with the 2 in one glove is an all year all season ADV touring gloves. Cold, wet, sun, heat this glove manages it all. I\'ve been using those gloves on my last Ireland tour with days and days of lousy weather, and really, I cannot complain. In the end, the glove felt damp on the inside, but that had more to do with me bringing the water into the gloves when I put the gloves on after refuelling or stops.

Final Thought:

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