BMW Enduroguard Suit, 36 months riding in Heat, Rain, and Snow.
It is time to review the BMW Enduroguard Suite.

BMW Has a long history of quality Gear. Let's see if the Suit lives up to this reputation.

BMW Enduroguard Suit review - after 36 month

Choosing a suitable motorbike suite can be a challenge for everyone. Riding style, riding environment, and looks are essential. For my personal requirements, the BMW Enduro Guard Suit ticked all the right boxes straight from the outset.

  • The look is very neutral, subtle, and functional.
  • No Power Ranger lookalike.
  • Three-layer laminate with BMW climate membrane; wind and waterproof, highly breathable
  • NP2 protectors at the back, shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees (sleeplessly adjustable)
  • Leather pads at the insides of the knees for a firm grip on the fuel tank sides when riding off-road
  • Discreet Branding with only one embossed leather badge on the jacket and a little BMW Button on the trousers.

Great, if I ride my other motorbikes.

Product Facts:

Externally waterproof, no internal Liner needed. This was why I considered a switch from my previous riding gear. An included Waterproof Storm hood keeps the weather out. Eliminating rain, cold, and drafts going down your neck. The jacket and trousers have a wrap-around zipper and weather belt for comfort and to keep the cold out. The suit is excellent in any weather, and regulating the temperature is done via the BMW Climat Membrane Technology. When it gets hot, the material reacts, making the texture more porous and letting the heat and sweat pass through from the inside out and Air from the outside in. Never leaving water penetrating the fabric from the outside.

How does it wear?

In cold weather, the pores close and become water and windproof. Keeping you warm and dry. For ample ventilation, there are thirteen zippered vents in total in this suite. There are four big vents on the jacket that are easy to adjust and will not inflate your jacket if used correctly. The front of the jacket also has an additional mesh zipper allowing you to keep the jacket open when riding. There are also two vents in each arm, pushing the Air out of the vent on the back. In the trousers, you have another four large vents to regulate the airflow.

The back of the BMW Enduroguard Suit jacket has a 3d-ripple mesh lining that keeps your back well-ventilated. This isn't easy to do, so BMW did a great job. The material of the jacket and trousers is abrasion-resistant and robust but also flexible. So you never feel constricted in your movement. Around your arms and knees, you have some rigid ceramic polymer used in military applications. It is tough, that's all I can say, after hitting the deck a few times on my trips. On the inner leg, you also have Leather pads, tried and tested in off-road riding.

Storing your stuff

For storage, you have 11 pockets; most of them are waterproof, and the only reason not all are waterproof is the Zippers. Waterproof zippers are just a bit harder to operate. With so many pockets having some easy-access pockets is a bonus. A unique see-through Key pocket on the left arm gives you peace of mind you got your keys always in sight. The BMW Endurogard Suite is an excellent piece of motorbike gear. You can feel the reassuring quality of the material.

Combined with an excellent fit, the BMW Endurogard Suite has to be one of the most underrated high-spec motorbike garments. Being myself through all kinds of terrain and weather, I can only recommend the suite. Combined with two year BMW warranty and an excellent price, you are on to a winner. Check out the BMW website; you get this suit for about £900 with a bit of haggling. I plan to get one for my wife for the next riding season.

Quick update.

A new Enduro Guard Suit is coming my way.
I'm so happy with the Suit that I decided to get another one. The old one is still holding up nicely, which surprises me. I was living in the suit for the last 12 months, not ever taking care of it. Crawling in Dirt, Snow, and Ice and some unplanned and ungracious dismounts, I'm sticking it out with this Brand.

What else could you ask for?

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