Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots

Initial thoughts:

I\'ve been wearing these Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex  boots now for over two years on all my travels. They may be a little bit overkill but trust me, you\'re glad of the extra armour when you drop your old Beamer on your feet!

First, let\'s talk about quality.

These motorbike boots are definitely a top of the range product. Super armour, super hardware, Gore-Tex lining, waterproof, and super comfortable. When it comes to the first impressions when you try these boots out, the first thing I really appreciated was the sheer comfort. You put these boots on and they fit like a glove. Basically, how a boot should fit. The lining and the padding really mould around your feet giving you a superb comfort level. And with the right socks, these boots are virtually odourless.

The sole is really tough.

The sole of these boots is really tough and gives you massive grip, both on the rough ground and on the asphalt. And because of the structure of the sole, with less flex on the bottom, you can actually stand on the pegs for hours without feeling any pain in your feet. Walking in these boots takes a little bit of getting used to and to be fair in the beginning, for me, I was actually pretty clumsy. But you get used to it and you adapt. The protection from this boot is outstanding. Massive padding all-around your ankles, armour wherever you think it\'s necessary. It\'s just a solid boot.

Gore-Tex liner keeps you dry.

The Gore-Tex liner keeps you dry and very well ventilated. Even in scorching heat or torrential rain I never had a problem with this boot. And the good news is the Gore-Tex has lasted so far over two years in heavy use, so that\'s something to consider! If you put the built quality of that boot together with the hardware used, for example, the bulletproof buckles, armour on the front, thick material, I think you can\'t ask for a better product.

It really looks the business.

When it comes to the look of the Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex boots, I think they really look the business. The logo is normally white, and I painted over it in black, but overall, I think it doesn\'t look too bulky, it doesn\'t feel bulky, it has really nice lines, and the armour looks in the right place.

What\'s the downside?

The only little niggle I have is that after two years the Velcro on the top section is becoming a bit lose so if I had the choice, I would go for a three-buckle boot. But that\'s just my personal experience.

In conclusion.

I like the Alpinestars Toucan boots very much, I highly recommend them. Next time you\'re in the market for a boot, check them out. I think they will not disappoint. For around £350 it is on the top end when it comes to motorbike boots. But at the end of the day, you get a heck of a lot of quality, safety and comfort for that amount of money

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Product Overview

Purchase Price:  350 approx

Retailer: Local Motorbike Shop

Technical Spec:

  • CE-certified, leather and suede, with a 100% waterproof Gore-Tex membrane.
  • Sole features integrated steel shank.
  • Lateral ankle protection system forms flexible link between upper boot and lower foot.
  • Medial side structure is contoured for perfect and flexible fit, with reinforced polymer sculpturing for grip and protection.
  • Advanced TPU protection layer covers the internal heel counter and toe box.
  • Coated leather panel forms the outer surface of the toe box for effective abrasion and weather resistance.
  • Heel housed in molded external protector for increased impact dissipation and absorption.
  • Contoured polymer shin guard with innovative vertical blade system for improved forward and rear control.
  • Medial surface stamped calf suede panel improves grip and protection.
  • Advanced instep and Achilles accordion flex zones for comfort, control and support.
  • Wide-entry aperture for convenience.
  • Hard polymer and Velcro closure for wide range of calf fit.
  • Replacable, slim, aluminium buckles for security with memory adjustments and quick-release locking system.
  • Upper boot collar and inner lining constructed from breathable mesh.
  • Removable anatomically profiled EVA foam footbed.
  • Alpinestars exclusive rubber compound for the optimal combination of comfort and grip.
  • Lateral side vent for added airflow.
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