Oxford Oximiser 900

Oxford Oximiser 900 is keeping the battery on my BMW GS1250 in top condition over the quiet wintertime.

Modern bikes with all the high tec accessories, drain the battery of your motorcycle even when switched off.
A battery maintenance charger like the Oxford Oximiser 900 is all it takes to keep toped up without breaking the bank.

Why the Oxford Oximiser 900?
Let's get it straight. I didn't look for do it all solution. All I was asking for was a battery management tool for the wintertime.
The Cold weather and inactivity are bad for the life of a battery. Not surprisingly, most battery failures come to light during the colder times of the year.

So what are my thoughts on the Oxford Oximiser 900?
The first impression, the unit feels a bit flimsy, made of thin plastic.
There is no weight in the unit itself. So if you are a bit heavy-handed, handle with care. The unit will not withstand a step one or a propper accidental kick.
The mains lead is to short for, just reaching the cable drum standing next to the bike and the unit resting on the seat.

There is a fly lead included to connect to your battery on your bike, so you have a handy charging point.

Also included is a lead with a pair of crocodile clips for charging on the bench.
The backlit display is easily readable and gives you all the info you need over the state of your battery.

  • Charge Status
  • Battery level indicator
  • Battery voltage meter
  • Mains indicator
  • Battery connection error indicator
  • Backlit display button

The Oxford Oximiser 900 handles batteries up to 30Ah capacity including AGM, MF and all lead-acid types.
900mA charging power is ample to keep your bike ready to go

6 Stage battery management system: (info from manufacture website)

Polarity check:
Checks the battery leads have been connected correctly.

Battery Analysis:
Assesses battery & determines the best charging method

Bulk Fast Charge:
Charges at a fast rate to bring the battery to approximately 85% capacity

Absorption Charge:
Lowers the charge rate & gives a topping charge to ensure the battery is charged to 100%

Voltage Check:
Hourly voltage checks assess battery health.

Maintain Mode:
Automatically applies an appropriate charge if the voltage drops outside acceptable limits to ensure the battery voltage and condition remains perfect.

Comes with M6 fused leads for permanent connection and also have weather resistant cap.
A set of crocodile clips for bench charging your batteries.


My thoughts:
I like the Oxford Oximiser 900 for the use on my bike. It does what you want it to do. There are no bells or whistles. Install the fly lead and plug it in.
It is light, practical, and does everything you need for your battery maintenance. If you take it with you on your winter travel, you appreciate size and weight.

And the price?

The RRP is £49 from Oxford.

I picked mine up for £32 online. I spend more on silly things for my bike I never used. 100% recommended.

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