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Lone Rider MotoTent review - 6 years, same tent

Updated. After using the Lone Rider MotoTent for the 6 seasons on all my travels. Everyone is raving about it but is that good? Check out my thoughts and experiences travelling with this tent.

A happy Lone Rider MotoTent review

Using this tent exclusively for the last two years on all my motorbike travels, It deserves to give it the thumbs up. It has been a reliable home from home, providing shelter and comfort on the road. Read on

Initial thoughts:

For the last two years, I\'m using the Lone Rider MotoTent on all my trips around Europe. On my journeys, I have encountered all kinds of weather and conditions. From the Ice-cold North of Norway to the baking heat in Italy. Buying a tent for your travels is a more significant decision than you initially think. The first thought everyone is considering is the size and weight of the tent.

A: What kind of traveller are you?
B: Is the tent your primary choice of accommodation on your trip or do you just use it as just a backup?
C: Do you share the tent or are you travelling alone?
D: And one of the most critical questions is... How much comfort do you expect?

I\'m sure there are many other questions going through your mind, but most will be answered after reading my short but informative review.


Let's talk about the Lone Rider Tent

The Size: Size: 4.15m (13\'8\") x 2.4m (7\'11\")
The sleeping compartment measures 1.4m (4\'8\") by 2m (6\'7\") In the centre, the cabin has a right of 2m (6\'7\")
More info on the Lone Rider website (www.lonerider-motorcycle.com/)

If you set up the tent the first time, you realise how much space you have. The sleeping area is attached via clips to the outer shell and is very spacious. The benefit of this setup is your inner tent will stay dry when setting up in the rain.

The height is perfect as you can actually stand up and move around if you are under 6\'. I\'m just over, but I\'m still enjoying the freedom of space. The area in the front (call it the garage) is ideal to hang out, chill make food or sort out your gear.
As suggested by the manufacturer you are able to bring your motorbike inside. Great when you need to fix something and is raining outside. Ventilation is excellent as you can open the back and the front completely and get perfect airflow.

Keeping the sleeping compartment closed will give you plenty of circulation through mosquito netting. The built-in groundsheet under the sleeping area is sealed, so water and dampness are not an issue. There is also a second sheet available for the outside area that I never use.

Setting up

The Lone Rider MotoTent is very easy to set up if you follow the instructions. The manufacturer quoted 7 min what is possible. However, I set up camp in 12 min in full motorbike gear and in the rain. You really appreciate the ease of the setup and the size of the tent when you set up in the rain. As you can see from my pictures, I live very comfortably in the Lone Rider Tent.

Living in a lonerider motot tent

The MotoTent is ideal for taking it easy at the end of the day

Packing up

Getting the Lone Rider Tent down is a matter of minutes. Close all the Zips pull out the pegs and fold it down. Don\'t pull the rods, just follow the instructions. Putting it back into the bag can be a bit of a challenge at first. I think the compression bag could be a tad bigger than you will be grateful for this in the rain. It is worthwhile mentioning that the inner tent stays dry all the time what is a big plus if you are travelling for days in the rain with no way of drying off the canvas.

Sitting in front of a lonerider moto tent

Setting up the MotoTent done - chilling out

Wind and weather

Rain is no issue ever. I was sitting out in torrential rain and really appreciated the extra space. Wind can be more of an issue if you are setting up the wrong way around. Always have the back in the wind. If you peck down the tent as in the manual, you will have no problem whatsoever. I did have the Lone Rider Tent collapse on me during a storm only to bounce back as soon the wind let off. You can also use your bike as a windbreak

Talking about Quality

The build quality is excellent. Strong Aluminium poles Folded seams and double stitching One-piece setup (always dry setup) Removable inner tent and use a large garage for repair work Waterproof Heavy-duty zippers Excellent Venting Long guidelines Strong Aircraft Grade Aluminium 7001-T6 pegs Strong compression bag

Pros, Cons and final thought

There is nothing I don\'t like about this tent. Function and durability are excellent. The ease of setup and the always dry arrangement of the sleeping compartment is absolutely brilliant. The only critic I can think of is the storage bag. I think it is too small for everyday use. A bigger bag would make packing up so much easier, especially in wind and rain. But this is no dealbreaker as most of us will find a larger dry-bag somewhere in our camping gear. I\'m very happy with my tent. It does what it is meant to do. It gives you shelter and great comfort. Coming back to the beginning of my review you really have to think about what kind of rider you are. This tent is not for the minimalist Explorer who likes to travel lite. But if you are like me and enjoy your creature's comfort you will be very happy with this tent for years to come.

Make sure you read the review on the Lone Rider ADV Tent if you are in the market for a smaller but also fantastic and durable travel companion.

Updated Post. The original post from 08/09/2018 has been updated.

Lone Rider MotoTent Rating

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Space And Comfort
Space Outside
Weather Resistance
Packed Size


If you are serious about Motorbike Camping, you already appreciate high-quality and reliable gear. The MotoTent should be on top of your list. Not a chap product but you know the saying, Buy once, cry once.

User Rating: 2.99 ( 88 votes)
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