Motorcycle Camping Gear Kitchen


Motorcycle Camping Gear Kitchen

Top Tips on Motorcycle Camping Gear Kitchen Setup

Gas or Petrol is the question. In this article, I like to show all the gear what I’m using for a long long time. Tried and tested. Using one stove for over 25 years is a big thing. But there is more, what fuels are you using, Or what are the practicality issues with all those different stoves and cocking systems?

These days there are so many types of camping stoves and cooking systems out there. Therefore it is very easy to lose your way into making the wrong decision.

You have solid or liquid fuel systems just to be outgunned by multifuel all the way down to the basic campfire.

I like to look into the most practical cooking solutions i.e. a stove for the motorbike traveler.

Setting the scene, let’s look back into last season 2018. This was a very dry year here in Europe. It was hot and dry. The danger of fire everywhere.
Local authorities were issuing warnings and recommendation even banned any form of open fire or BBQ.

For me, it was absolutely clear I did not take any solid fuel stove s with me on my trip. Nore will I have any open campfires. The risk of being responsible for any fire is just not even imaginable.

This leaves me just the option of Gas or Petrol stoves. What is best for me?

A selection of camping stoves

For me personly I’m going back to my petrol stoves. And just for clarification petrol stoves fall under the category “multi-fuel stoves” as the most common petrol stoves are multi-fuel.

To make life a little bit easier I’ll refer all the stoves by fuel type. This makes it easier.

So why did I decide to use petrol?

Cutting a long story short, there is nothing in terms of functionality between Gas and Petrol. They both have excellent output and consistent heat delivery.

  • So what is the big difference?
  • On the pro side for Gas.
  • It is cleaner, no preheating of the burner. Instant ignition
  • No fumes and smell. Gas is by far the cleanest fuel out there.
  • Very safe to use.

And for the Petrol stove?
Availability of fuel. You always have petrol in the tank.

That’s it? In a nutshell yes.

The only reason I moved from Gas to Petrol is the availability of fuel source. On a motorbike, you actually sit on it. Filling up your fuel bottles for the stove can be done at any time and any place. Petrol station or on the road with a hose ( what you carry anyway, right?).

  • Gas canisters are not required.
  • Storage space in the panniers is not wasted for carrying extra Gas canisters.
  • No worry where to get the right type of gas canisters on the road.
  • Gas canisters are expensive.

It is simple as that, the only reason I switched back to petrol was the convenience to know I always have petrol available. For someone else, this is maybe not a criteria, then gas is perfect. It all boils down what suits you best. If you are comfortable to carry gas canisters or your trip, stay with gas.

Otherwise, petrol is the way to go. You never look back

Video: Cooking on the road

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