Top 5 “don’t” on social media

top 5 things not to do on social media

Top 5 “don’t” on social media

Top 5 “don’t” on social media

Just made a new video about participating on social media. Sometimes you just have to wonder what people are thinking at times. In a time where truth is a bit of a luxury, these five tips should help you along the way.

Being part of an online group presents a fair amount of challenges but also can help you along immensely.

1: Never talk about politics. 00:30

2: Don’t be opinionated. 01:10

3: Hijacking other peoples thread 02:24

4: Better not being a jerk 03:30

5: Are you a know it all? 04:40

6: Stay safe! 06:10

Top 5 things you shouldn’t do on social media