Sometimes you just have to wonder what people are thinking at times. In a time when the truth is a bit of a luxury, these five tips should help you along the way.

Top 5 "don't" on social media

If you are a social pro or just a recreational blogger. You are a Member of a forum or a Social Media Group sharing your ideas, question and solutions. You will come across some interesting characters along the way. And not always getting the feedback you expect.

1: Never talk about politics. 00:30
2: Don't be opinionated. 01:10
3: Hijacking other peoples thread 02:24
4: Better not being a jerk 03:30
5: Are you a know it all? 04:40
6: Stay safe! 06:10

You can try hard to be most understanding and cooperative, but sometimes you will hit a wall. Sometimes you have to deal with the unexpected.

Here are the Top5 things that will get you guaranteed trouble.

Talking about politics
You ask for it when you do this. You can\'t even agree on this with your best friends. Do you think it wise to chat about politics with strangers?
Having a strong opinion
Don\'t dig a hole for yourself. If you are going on a forum, you have to have an open mind. A strong opinion will alienate everyone around you, putting other people off. What is the point of engaging in the first place?
Hijacking another people's thread
We see this all the time, taking over the discussion or even worse, deviating from the subject. Honestly, that isn\'t very polite.
Being a know-it-all
Sounds familiar? You soon end up with a bad reputation and nobody will engage with you anymore.
Stay safe
Common sense should take over. Never ever share your or other people\'s details online.

So there you have it.

There is something to be said about online etiquette. Better leading by example and being a valuable source of information. Great feedback on your contribution will help undoubtedly encourage you to do more, and also set you apart from the usual online noise and clutter.

Top 5 things you shouldn\'t do on social media

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