Mitas E07+

The Mitas E07+

I'm choosing what I'm choosing and using what I'm using. I don't care what other people say. Motorbike tyres are the one area I'm staying out discussing.
Over the last six years, I have driven close to 100,000 km on the Mitas E07; why should I change?

There is so much gear snobbery out there. No thank you.

There is no discussion. End of story.

I'm very determined regarding my Travel Tire. What makes model and treat patterns? I stick to what I know and have used for many years. Read my review of the Mitas E07+

It works. Good grip and plenty of mileage.

If something works, I won't change it.

Plenty of stupid things are going on around me at any moment, and there is no need to add to it.

Mitas E07 on my BMW GS1250
Mitas E07 offroading for big Adventure Bikes

Do I insist on using the Mitas E07+?

No. If I get some, brilliant. If not, anything else has to do. When you are on a long trip, new tyres are a luxury, and finding the tyre of your choice is impossible.


Take it from me. If you have a set you are happy with, stick to it.


Thats what I do.

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