Riedberg Pass with my BMW GS1250 | Autumn Ride into Austria and back

A glorious autumn morning. It's getting cold.
Successfully managed to peel me out of my cosy warm bed in someone's else flat.

Sigi & Bodo Super Friends go a long way


Thank you, to my friends, here in Germany to be so accommodating. What a welcome I received. New and old friends alike.  Let's go for a ride

The Riedberg Pass is the highest drivable mountain pass in Germany. With 1407 m above sea level.
The Riedberg Pass is located on the southwest border to Austria. The deep German Alpine Region of Ober Algäu, Bavaria.
Surrounded by the majestic mountain ranges of the Alps, riding this Mountain Road is something else.
I would go as far to say, that the Riedberg Pass has to be one of the most enjoyable mountain rides I\'ve ever done.
The road is weaving through the mountains. Not like the usual corner - straight - corner - straight thing you get excited about riding other passes.
Nothing is challenging on this road. It is the sheer bliss of riding out all those endless bends without the need for continually breaking and chasing as you work your way up to the summit.

You could argue there is no challenge in this.

And you are right. But this is the charm of this road.
No, you don\'t feel exhausted because you have been chasing your invisible ego up the mountain.
This is a great ride. Pure pleasure and the satisfaction of doing the stuff, we like the most, Motorbike riding and beautiful Vistas. The Riedberg Pass has buckets loads of both.
Thinking about it, the Old Gotthard Pass is one of those outstanding rides.

So, my thoughts on the ride.

The Rietberg Pass is a gem of a ride. Easy and so enjoyable from start to finish. You are not far from Austria, so you have plenty of opportunities to just drop by.
We filled up our Motorbikes just over the border, the saving paid for the ice cream. Then again, you don\'t complain about fuel when you ride a motorbike.
Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.

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