The Grind - Raw, Intense and Unfiltered

I'm not just about videos and photos when I hit the road. Sure, they capture moments, but something about putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard brings out a different side of me. Writing down my thoughts and experiences is raw, intense, and unfiltered. It's where I get to share my true passion and honesty with you all.

Mitas E07+

Mitas E07 – We need new tyres

The Mitas E07+ I’m choosing what I’m choosing and using what I’m using. I don’t care what other people say. Motorbike tyres are the one area I’m staying out discussing. Over the last six years, I have driven […]
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Herman BMWR1200GS

The Prep – Getting Herman

The Prep – Getting Herman I made my decision. I made my decision. I’m going with Herman, my trusty 2007 BMW GS1200. There is nothing wrong with my BMW GS1250, but when going on a six-month journey into […]
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BMW GS1250 Off Road fail in the dirt

The Prep – Choosing the right Motorbike

The Prep Choosing the right Motorbike When selecting the perfect Motorbike, it’s all about me making the right choice for a safe and thrilling ride. With so many options out there, it can feel overwhelming. But taking the […]
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