Herman on Paso de Jama

Herman made 90 000km

He's still going strong and still doing his job.

There has to be a story somewhere. Herman is my trustee, BMW2007GS. I have had this bike for a very long time. I didn't even spend a lot of money on it. When I bought the bike 8 years ago, it was only about £5000. But every time I take it out, it gives me so much pleasure.

90k Herman reached a milstone
Herman's badge of honour

The bike's simplicity makes it a joy to ride and travel long distances without fearing having some technical problems modern bikes carry. I have a BMWGS 1250 and am happy with the bike. Still, after taking it for a 100-day trip around Turkey, I realised that the limitations of the 1250 are not from the technical side but rather from the performance they put into this machine: too much power, too much electronic interference and insufficient real-world flexibility.

I'm not saying these new bikes are bad, but more power, torque, and everything held together by electronics and computers to keep you on the road—I don't think that's a good mix. You may feel like it's a perfect machine regarding technical advances, but that's just one side of the Coin.

Having all that technology is not a benefit rather than a disadvantage.

How do you fix this technical masterpiece on the road?

Herman desert roads in Chile
Endless Desert Roads

You don't. You can't. You need a dedicated, specialised dealer to do the job. Can you do this on the road?

And here comes Herman into play.

Herman is a very basic bike: it has no traction control, ABS, driving mode, or anything else. This old BMW2007GS doesn't need it. With 100hp, it is powerful enough to carry all my luggage and me wherever I ask.

The power curve makes it a pleasure to ride in more demanding terrain. At lower RPM, it thumps and kicks like an old Mule. I love and appreciate it.

I must admit, I miss the electronic speed control on my 1250, but that's about it. Everything else is simple, works, is reliable, and doesn't require me to think about it.

If it feels right, it is right.

Herman, my BMW2007GS, 18 years old, is my best bike ever.

Go on, Herman, we have a job to do!

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