About MOTOTravel

Hello Everyone.

Welcome to MOTOTravel, my very personal page dedicated to the world of motorbike travelling.

I’m passionate about MOTOTravel. Grown-up in the Bavarian mountains, I was plunged into the world of outdoor activity at a very early age. Crazy about anything outdoor, I managed to break my leg at the age of five during a skiing trip with my Dad. Skiing and ice hockey in the winter, Dirtbike and touring in the summer, that’s what we did. Spending our youth in the outdoors made us what we are. Never complained of being bored.

Growing up in a motorbike country, I progressed rapidly from 50cc mopeds to a 500cc Yamaha XT. My beloved Yamaha XT finally opened the door to explore Europe at every possibility. Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the former Yugoslavia all the way to Greece and down to Morocco. I spent my youth travelling and exploring.

Ever went for a pizza to Italy on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Back in olden days it was much easier to get by, with the little money we had there was just enough for fuel and the very basics, and we supplemented our trips with whatever we found. We all shared the little we had. No-one was left behind. We were Mates all the way. I dearly do miss those times.

The holiday meant travelling. Spending 4 weeks touring the Mediterranean with nothing but a sleeping bag seems a little crazy these days, but this made us what we are today. And we still got it in us. Fast forward, 25 years later. Times have changed, but my love for travelling is still the same.

Being back on the road means everything.

We all have different ideas of what we want out of it, but the underlying drive for freedom and adventure is ingrained in everyone who experienced it before. We may be getting older, but the spirit is still there.

I created this website to document and share the stories and experiences, inspire, inform and pick up some friends along the way. Drop me a line or sign up for my very personal newsletter. I really appreciate your thoughts.

Maybe someday we meet on the road.

Ride Safe


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